Body Labs BodyKit API Captures the Human Body

Body Labs, a body, shape, pose and motion analysis solution provider, has launched a beta trial for its latest creation, BodyKit. Body Labs pitches BodyKit as "the easiest and most powerful way to build apps and tools surrounding the human body." To learn more, ProgrammableWeb caught up with Body Labs co-founder and CEO Bill O'Farrell. First, O'Farrell explained the purpose of BodyKit:

In the not-so-distant future, everything will be tailored exactly to your body: the clothing you wear, your workout regime and the space you live in. This future cannot be realized without a simple, scalable way to bridge the gap between your physical self and the digital world. The BodyKit API transforms the human body into a versatile Platform for design and development, thereby accelerating the mass customization of highly personalized products and experiences.

With the release of BodyKit, we're opening up access to the world's most comprehensive data-driven model of human body shape, pose and movement. BodyKit offers a powerful toolset that facilitates a host of functions that include creating, visualizing, posing, measuring, analyzing, animating and comparing 3-D body models. We see BodyKit being applicable for enhancing the process of developing anything around the human body — from early-stage prototypes for lightweight applications to large-scale platforms.

As O'Farrell explained, BodyKit, at its core, is a set of APIs. The embeddable components allow developers to virtualize, analyze and simulate any human body. After Integration, an app or website can pull from years of R&D on the human shape. Based on Body Labs' API approach, it is no surprise that Body Labs has a specific interest in developers when it considers its target audience.

"BodyKit is useful to any developers who want to build apps and tools that interact with the body, or who have an existing app or tool that can benefit from body data visualization," O'Farrell said. "Applications for BodyKit cover a wide constellation of vertical markets, including fitness and health, fashion and design, ergonomics, video games, animation, VR and more. Any business within these verticals would find value for this tech."

Just last week, Body Labs launched the BodyKit beta. Those interested can sign up for an API key to get an early look. O'Farrell announced that Body Labs anticipates a public launch in a few months. O'Farrell's goal for the beta trial is to expand the number of Body Labs' users and prepare for a public launch with enhanced features and functionality. While on the topic of use and adoption, O'Farrell described a number of use-case scenarios:

We have a few alpha customers that are currently using BodyKit for custom clothing and product sizing recommendations. Use cases include:

  • Custom fashion companies that deliver personalized shopping experiences can use ShapeX and additional BodyKit API's to create an interactive 3-D experience for their shoppers. By inserting ShapeX, their customers can create 3-D body models by inserting measurements or toggling sliders while seeing their virtual body change in real time.
  • A fashion brand could also leverage BodyKit to compare two body models, thereby giving their customers the opportunity to provide each other with clothing size recommendations (i.e., find their "body double"), or the brand could provide clothing size recommendations by comparing their size chart with the customer's body model.
  • BodyKit has the ability to size up two or more bodies against each other, or track how one body changes over time, using precise heat-map visualization or custom metrics. Fitness trackers could use the body model, your shape, as a new metric. Alongside weight loss and steps taken, tracking changes in body shape gives another dimension for visualizing progress and monitoring health.

If O'Farrell is correct, Body Labs is on to technology that could drive an entire new era of Web and mobile technology. Custom body analytics could easily reach into retail, health care, fashion and more. With some early adopters and a world-class team, Body Labs is well on its way to leading developers to a new set of integrations and solutions. For more information, visit Body Labs or any of its product offerings.

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