Bolster Fundraising Efforts with API Integration

Charitable organizations should seriously consider the benefits of API implementation on their websites. In order to foster a community of donors for a cause, the organization needs to be credible and transparent. This can be done using various APIs to showcase real-time progress, participation, and the impact the initiative will have.

API implementation can address all these points and more. Terri Harel of StayClassy has outlined the importance of APIs for charities who have a top donor list, or need to track a real-time per-dollar funding progress. Campaign information can be retrieved using the StayClassy funding Platform’s API, or other crowdfuniding services that host an open API. Displaying a social following with Facebook, Twitter, or the Instagram API can be a quick way to establish credibility and prove that a community is already in place, as people are more likely to donate to a cause that others have already supported. If done correctly, this data will appeal to Millenials, a demographic that desires honest proof of current progress and future impact.

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Why charities should be familiar with API