Bongo International API: Opening Up Even More Shopping Avenues To Online Consumers

Those already keen participants in the online sopping world know the advantages of having such a broad range of products and services at their fingertips. They'll also know, however, the limitations experienced when an online store in a different country doesn't offer international shipping; frustrating to say the least. Bongo International exists to address this issue. The service makes international cross border eCommerce transactions a reality for both consumers and businesses. Bongo International's API makes this functionality available to be integrated with other applications.


In a nutshell, Bongo International provides consumers with a US and EU address that can be used during checkout at any online store that does not offer international shipping. Users simply sign up for a Bongo address by registering on the website, where they can choose between a classic and advanced membership. The user then uses the Bongo address at checkout, the item is in turn delivered to the local Bongo address, after which Bongo notifies the user and proceeds to ship the ordered item/items to that user's international destination.

Developers can connect into the Bongo International API using XML- RPC or a simple SOAP HTTPS GET, which allows them to get the data back out in XML strings or simple XML-RPC. The API is available free of charge, and further information and Documentation is available on the website.

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