Boomerang Email Apps to Feature Office 365 and

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Boomerang, the cross- Platform email and productivity solution, today announced at the Microsoft Build Developer Conference that it is a launch partner for Microsoft’s just-revealed unified and Office 365 Outlook add-in and REST API platform. Boomerang for Office 365 and, arriving summer 2015, will include Boomerang’s popular calendar and email management features, with additional capabilities to be added in future versions. As one of the select launch partners to join the Outlook API program, Boomerang brings its experience with 200,000 businesses that have been using its apps and plugins to get ahead of their work on a daily basis.

Boomerang will allow Office 365 and users to send emails at the optimal time and reduce the human errors of scheduling meetings. Users can schedule a message to send at a specific time in the future or snooze a message out of their inbox to resurface at the top at a pre-determined time if there is no response. With Boomerang, Office365 and users can easily schedule meetings and send their availability to contacts directly in an email without navigating to a separate calendar window or tab. The calendar feature also refreshes in real-time so that recipients always have an updated view of meeting times.

“We’re excited about this opportunity to collaborate with Microsoft,” said Alex Moore, CEO of Baydin. “Microsoft has done tremendous work with this API and is laying the foundation for a vibrant ecosystem to grow around With our applications, we’re empowering millions of users to get more out of the tools they rely on every day.”

“The Outlook add-in and REST APIs not only introduces new, innovative features to and Office 365 users, but it creates opportunities for developers across the globe,” said Jason Henderson, principal group program manager at Microsoft. “We’re very pleased to be working with the Boomerang team to develop their add-in for and expect our users to be delighted with the features it will provide.”

Boomerang's applications have an incredibly rich feature set, including:

  • Unified experience across, Office 365, Outlook Desktop and Outlook Web App
  • Set a day for an email to resurface to the top of your inbox if it has not been responded to
  • Send an email at a later date and time, ranging from a few hours to months later
  • Suggest multiple meeting times through click-and-drag features without navigating to a separate calendar view
  • Customize suggested meeting times by duration and location directly in an email message
  • Include meeting availability as text or visual grid embedded into email
  • One-click confirmation to schedule meetings inside of email messages
  • User’s calendar automatically refreshes, even after an email is sent to a recipient

The precise features for Office 365 and are under development and will be released summer 2015. To learn more about the add-in, please visit

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