BoomTown and Zillow Form API Partnership to Sync Lead Gen with CRM

BoomTown, online marketing system for real estate professionals, has announced its first API Integration with a third party lead generation source. BoomTown has partnered with Zillow to integrate lead information from Zillow's Premier Agent system directly into BoomTown's intelligent CRM platform.

BoomTown CEO, Grier Allen, commented:

“This is our first API connection with another lead generation source, and one of many steps we're taking to further streamline the lead management efforts of our clients....Managing leads in multiple systems is one of the biggest pain points our clients face today, so we’re excited to be a launch partner of Zillow Tech Connect...."

BoomTown's formula is straightforward and effective: "easy-to-use technology + exceptional guidance = an amazing experience for each of our clients." As more and more real estate agencies, tools, and house hunters move online and to mobile apps, BoomTown has capitalized on the opportunity. The Zillow integration was an obvious next step for BoomTown as, leading up to the partnership, BoomTown had already seen over 1,000 agents manually import over 10,000 Zillow leads into BoomTown's CRM system. After integration, the import will take place automatically.

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The partnership blossomed out of the Zillow Tech Connect program that launched last fall. Zillow created the program to help brokers and agents integrate various tools for a more streamlined approach to selling real estate. The BoomTown partnership precisely represents what Zillow anticipated. Zillow's Chief Revenue Officer, Greg Schwartz, commented:

“Now that BoomTown is live in Zillow Tech Connect, brokers and agents have access to a different technology to help them better their marketing and customer engagement efforts....While we offer a service to help brokers with their CRM needs, we are proud to offer a diverse choice of partners that will best suit their needs. BoomTown’s CRM offering is an excellent addition to Zillow Tech Connect.”

Although houses don't typically move, the real estate industry is an inherently mobile one. A crowded market of agents and brokers constantly compete with each other for home buyer attention. Multiple, effective lead generation platforms exist; however, managing disparate tools individually is a time consuming hassle. The BoomTown/Zillow integration is perfect example of APIs streamlining previously cumbersome processes.

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