Bose Releases SoundTouch Developers API

Bose, well known for its range of audio products, has released an API that opens up Integration options for its SoundTouch line of products. This makes it possible for control and automation companies to include the SoundTouch line in their systems, enabling users to play back and manage their music at home.

The Bose SoundTouch system allows users to stream music wirelessly around the home by connecting directly to Internet stations and music streaming sources. Users are able to set and change six presets that can be managed on the system directly or with the free app, allowing them to use the system from a smartphone, tablet or computer. The range includes small portable speakers, outdoor systems and home theater, all of which work together to create multiroom listening experiences.

In an article on CEPro, Glenn Gomes-Casseres, product line manager for Bose SoundTouch, had this to say about the API:

Bose SoundTouch systems are the easiest way to stream music in your home, whether it be through the powerful SoundTouch app, our six convenient presets or through our API implementation into partner software. Ultimately, the API delivers a new experience for our customers with SoundTouch, and we’ve made the API publicly available to encourage other companies — even hobbyists — to innovate and design these new experiences.

The company says it is committed to making the integration of the system the smoothest it can possibly be and is in constant communication with dealers to ensure this. Bose has indicated that keeping pace with the advancements made in the control and automation industry is a priority.

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Bose SoundTouch Developers API Integrates with Control and Automation Systems