Bottlenose Launches Nerve Center 2.0 and New Private Beta APIs

Bottlenose, a company that focuses exclusively on trend intelligence from stream data sources, has announced the launch of the Bottlenose Nerve Center 2.0, an enterprise-grade, real-time trend intelligence Platform for streaming data. This second release of the Nerve Center platform includes new features such as automated trend detection, customizable alerts and reporting, stream and comparison reports, analytics for links, improved demographics, and Tumblr firehose data. In addition, the company has announced the availability of new Bottlenose APIs (in private beta) providing developers with programmatic access to the Bottlenose trend intelligence platform for the first time.

Sonar Solo is a free, limited version of the Bottlenose Nerve Center platform. View the live version. -- Image Credit: Bottlenose

Bottlenose has introduced a set of META APIs consisting of new APIs for metrics, entities, trends and actions. All of these APIs return responses in JSON format, and some of the APIs have CSV export capabilities. Developers can use the APIs to build real-time monitoring, custom dashboards, interactive data visualizations, advertising, analytics and other types of third-party applications that include Bottlenose trend intelligence:

  • Metrics — Bottlenose performs more than 150 measurements on streaming data. This includes core KPIs, sentiment heat maps, demographics and psychographics, broadcast metrics like Nielsen ratings and custom metrics using semantic classification. Bottlenose can pull time series data for any of these metrics across millions of messages within a second.
  • Entities – Bottlenose uses data mining and semistructured data to keep track of billions of entities for a single stream of data. Bottlenose has more than 30 default entity types, such as topics, links, demographic segments and geolocations. For every unique entity Bottlenose tracks, the platform can pull rankings and time series data at lightning speeds.
  • Trends — Bottlenose automatically performs Machine Learning and predictive analytics on all of the above data points. By analyzing more than 3 billion messages per hour, Bottlenose Builds a continuous map of how data is changing. This results in a rich hierarchical stream of trends that shows what matters in the data. This stream can be filtered and searched on the fly.
  • Actions — By setting advanced filters about trends you care about, the Actions API can automatically take action using Webhooks. This happens in real time when the trend is detected.

The new META APIs are in private beta, available only to Bottlenose Nerve Center customers and select partners. However, the company does plan on releasing the APIs publicly in the future. "Bottlenose's META APIs make our real-time analytics available to third-party developers who want to use our trend data for apps like real-time ad networks, enterprise dashboards, process automation and new features for Nerve Center, too," Bottlenose CEO and co-founder Nova Spivack told ProgrammableWeb.

According to the press release, Nerve Center 2.0 is already being used by well-known brands including Liquid Thread, Pepsi and Warner Bros. For more information about the Bottlenose platform, visit

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