Box Announces Developer Compensation Program and New SDKs

Today, Box announced a few developer-centric moves it hopes will fuel enterprise adoption and the app economy. First, Box revealed Box $rev--a program through which developers can monetize applications integrated with or built on the Box OneCloud Platform. Box $rev monitors third party app Integration and developers receive compensation based on integration levels. Additionally, Box released new SDKs for iOS and Android. The new SDKs allow developers to easily build apps that seamlessly integrate into Box with enterprise level security and scalability.  Chris Yeh, Box SVP of Platform, told ProgrammableWeb:

"The Box platform team is focused on offering developers new tools and services that drive customer engagement on Box....Box $rev is an industry-first program that provides a seamless way for app developers to make money with Box. We're also dramatically reducing the time it takes for developers to integrate on Box with new SDKs for iOS and Android. I'm incredibly excited about the benefits both our end-users and developers will experience with this program."

Box sits in an ideal position to lead a new direction in the app economy. With over 43% of the Fortune 500 already using OneCloud, and over 92% of the Fortune 500 utilizing Box in some capacity, Box continues to be one of the most adopted cloud platforms in the Enterprise. Since it was founded in 2005, Box has always believed that developers make up the heart of the mobile world and its app economy. Accordingly, compensating developers to continuously disrupt and innovate remains critical.

Box $rev arrives as an industry first monetization program for developers. As the enterprise continues to mobilize and rely on apps, Box recognized the ever-increasing problem facing developers: compensation. Box's continued efforts to support developers with world class tools and now a promising compensation model should keeps Box's usage rate high and drive further adoption.

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