Box Announces General Availability of Box View API Service

Box has announced the general availability of the new Box View, an API service that allows Web and mobile applications to display nearly any file type without the need for a custom-built viewer. Applications using the Box View service can display high-fidelity, interactive viewers for dozens of file types including documents, images, videos, and 360 images. The new Box View is a replacement for the existing Crocodoc and legacy Box View services and is currently only available to users of these legacy products. Box will end-of-life (EOL) the older services on January 15, 2018.

Applications that use the new Box View are capable of displaying nearly any type of file without requiring users to install a special document viewer. Box View supports numerous file types including text, image, presentation, 3D, video, and audio.

There are several key differences between the new Box View and the aforementioned existing services. Font handling, language support, and load times for file renderings are improved in the New Box View. The new Box view includes viewers for more than 120 different file types.

Box also announced the general availability of Web annotations for the Box Platform. Users of applications integrated with the Box platform can highlight portions of text in a document then add comments to selected parts of a file preview. The new Box View supports annotations. The legacy Box view does not support annotations, however Crocodoc does.

Box provides developers a Box View SDK that selects the appropriate viewer for each file. Developers can also use the Box API to upload files to the Box platform then add a snippet of HTML5 code to applications to enable Box viewer.

For more information about the Box platform and the new Box View, visit

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