Box Extends Partner Program Reach to Integrators

As part of its ongoing effort to turn its cloud service into a Platform for enabling the delivery of application service, Box this week announced The Box Services Partner Program, a new network of systems integrators and consultants focused on helping organizations transition to the cloud.

Charter members of the program include systems integrators such as Capgemini, Tech Mahindra, Volo Solutions, Cloud Sherpas, Statêra, 360 Cloud Solutions, ASMGi and 7 Summits. Over the last several years Box has evolved from primarily being a provider of file synchronization service for end users to a platform that developers increasingly use to embed collaboration capabilities within their applications.

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At present some 700 million API calls from third-party applications are made to Box every month out of a total of 4 billion API calls per month. The Box Services Partner Network is the latest extension of a larger channel program through which Box is encouraging developers to build applications that ultimately serve to increase usage of Box, says Whitney Bouck, Box's senior vice president of global marketing and general manager for the enterprise.

API calls from applications will eventually exceed the volume of traffic that end users generate directly on the Box platform, Bouck says. Like many cloud application providers, Box is tracking the rise of API calls being made by third-party applications. With each new application that relies on the Box API, the amount of data being stored inside the Box cloud platform increases exponentially.

Obviously, the delivery of file synchronization services to end users has become a commodity, so for Box to thrive, it needs to evolve into a collaboration platform through which multiple applications can share data.

Clearly, Box is not the only provider of collaboration services in the cloud building out a formal partner program around their APIs. But in terms of that effort they are fairly far down the road. Developers and systems integrators may not all choose to be a formal part of that program. But if they do, it’s only a matter of time before their application gains more visibility with the 200,000-plus businesses that currently use Box, but more importantly the thousands of other application developers on the Box platform that may discover their API.

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