Box Hosts Risk-themed Hackathon

Box continues to encourage creativity and innovation with its ongoing parade of challenges, competitions, and hackathons. Its latest quest to engage the developer community arrives in the form of a Risk-inspired online battle: BRISK. BRISK started as a typical Box challenge; however, to date it has developed into its "own wondrous virtual world, complete with it’s own servers, it’s own API and it’s own set of rules." The strategy and competition have become intense and complicated, but the goal remains simple: "devise the optimal strategy for your bot to take over the world."

This Saturday (Feb. 9th), BRISK enthusiasts will compete in a single day BRISK hackathon for the opportunity to win $1,000 cash among other prizes. Those interested are encouraged to review the game docs prior to Saturday to familiarize themselves with the API. The API uses REST protocol and responds in a JSON data format. Participants may code in the language of their choice.

Few rules govern participation. In general, attack to conquer and don't cheat. Although coders have inevitably enjoyed BRISK, and will undoubtedly bring heated gaming competition to Saturday's hackathon; Box hosts such events in hopes to inspire increasingly superior enterprise software.  Such challenges have resulted in everything from simple mashups, to dynamic AI in the past. For now, we will eagerly anticipate the results of Box's online challenge for world domination!

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