Box Introduces the Box File Collaboration API

Box has announced the introduction of the Box File Collaboration API. The Box File Collaboration API allows developers to manage access to files in applications. Developers can now control which users can access specific files. The company recently updated the Box Notes collaborative notetaking application improving the Web experience for the user. The Box File Collaboration API was created to support that update.

The API is part of the Box Content API. Developers can use the Box File Collaboration API to build applications where users can share specific files. The collaborations object in the Box Content API already supported folder-level collaboration, now it supports file-level collaboration as well.

Before the availability of file-level collaboration support, Box Note users had to share the folder of a note for others to access and edit an individual note. This update allows Box Note notes to be shared without having to share the folder containing the note as well.

The Box File Collaboration API is the latest API to be released by Box this year. In September, Box introduced a set of new security and governance APIs and last month, Box announced general availability of the Box View API service.

For more information about the Box platform and Box APIs, visit the official Box website.

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