Box Introduces Updated Developer Platform and New UI APIs BoxWorks

Last week, Box hosted its annual BoxWorks conference. The overarching theme making news at the event was the "All New Box" which Box CEO and co-founder Aaron Levie introduced during a keynote. The goal of the "All New Box" is for the Box to serve as a single point for all content within an enterprise. With such a bold goal, a number of new services and features were introduced including an updated developer Platform and new UI APIs.

Box formally launched its developer platform last year. The platform allows developers access to Box's main APIs and features to build custom apps on top of the platform. Box Chief Strategy Officer, Jeetu Patel, emphasized the ability of the developer platform to power custom applications that maintain the developing company's brand. Developer access to the platform has been improved with a new features including an updated User Interface for its developer console, app configuration walkthroughs, updated support Documentation and audit trail capabilities.

To realize its goal of becoming a common place for all enterprise content, Box announced support for a number of new content types throughout the week (e.g. HD video and VR files). Additionally, Box introduced more UI elements (i.e. Content Preview, Content Picker, Content Navigator, File Upload, Activity Feed) to provide developers with a plethora of tools to access content. Box also introduced compliance related APIs to address doc retention, legal hold, folder metadata and watermarking APIs, which continues to promote Box's ability to deliver in the enterprise space.

Patel, summed up Box's focus on its platform: "We believe in an ecosystems of providers and open APIs."

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