Box Skills Kit Moves to General Availability

Box has just announced the general availability of Box Skills Kit, a Framework for Artificial Intelligence Integration that provides developers with powerful new ways to use AI to analyze and enhance users content on Box. The company also announced new partnerships that aim to simplify the design and implementation of custom Box Skills solutions. 

The Box Skills framework was originally announced over a year ago in private beta and included three pre-built Skills: Audio Intelligence, Video Intelligence, and Image Intelligence. These initial offerings provide a basic analysis of content uploaded to Box by leveraging Machine Learning tools from Google Cloud, IBM Watson, and Microsoft Azure. With Box Skills Kit, developers can use AI algorithms from these three providers and dozens of others, to build custom Skills that analyze content uploaded to Box and then generate metadata that can be used to better understand or work with that content.

The Box Skills Kit includes several APIs, SDKs, guides, and Sample Code that are designed to help developers get started building custom integrations. The Box community on GitHub also includes dozens of example Skills. When ProgrammableWeb spoke with Box initially about the beta release of Box Skills, the company’s Chief Product Officer, Jeetu Patel, had this to say about the potential of this Platform:

"Not only do you build a custom skill, you can actually chain a bunch of algorithms together so that you can use, for example, transcription from Microsoft, and translation from Google, and sentiment analysis from IBM."

Patel’s comment does a great job of explaining the potential value that Box Skills Kit provides to users that are looking to get started with AI integration with Box, but it also highlights the possible complexity of that endeavor. Because of this, the company is providing multiple avenues for companies hoping to find some help with custom Skills.

Build Custom Skills With IBM Watson

The IBM Watson team is offering a service helping customers build custom Box Skills using their Watson AI technology. For customers that are hoping to work with the IBM Watson team to build custom solutions, make sure to visit

Box Consulting Services and Verified Partners

In addition to assistance from IBM Watson, Box is also providing an internal service to help customers develop an AI strategy on Box. The company also announced a verified partner designation that helps customers identify third-party service providers that have been trained in building Box Skills.

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