Box V2 API makes Simple Things Simpler

Box, one of the earliest providers of cloud file storage recently announced a brand new version of its API that is a complete rewrite of the API. Based on its extensive research on how V1 was used, the Box Platform team has designed its new V2 API keeping in mind the demands from developers, who want to get up and running quickly while at the same time paying attention to API design and clearer documentation.

Peter Rexer, Senior Platform Product Manager at Box has written a great blog post on how the team went about with V2 and the goals that they set for themselves.  It is interesting to see that they focused on multi-dimensions like easier to get started, easier to comprehend, more customizable and fewer unused or hidden features.

APIs are getting scrutinized like never before. Right from providing the correct REST semantics to developer experience, the challenges that companies face to get their API right is increasing by the day. The blog post describes how Box had to redesign their API and eliminate things in the API like upload_item, get_file_info, etc and depend on more elegant REST paradigms.

For example, to rename a file you would now issue a PUT to with the JSON Payload containing the new name for the file with id 1234. While this would be assumed to be there in modern day RESTful APIS, consider the fact that Box has been around for a long time and it had to shake off a lot of actions that they had introduced in their APIs.

The V2 API Documentation has also got a major shakeup and you can get started here. The V2 API is currently in Beta and is exposing a first set of endpoints, which include /files, /folders, /comments, /discussions and /events.

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