Puts Up $2 Million Integration Fund for New Developer Network

Online file storage services have not just seen huge adoption, but providers of such services have been innovating constantly to attract more developers. Combine this with the fact that traditional enterprise software vendors are not fast enough to respond to the changing dynamics in enterprise software. All this makes for a good opportunity for one of the vendors to step in and pave the path to drive innovation. Box.Net is on mission to provide exactly that with its API. It hopes that its new developer community and $2 million Integration fund will help. wants developers to not just use its storage services, but also make it easier for developers to use it on popular cloud platforms and developer tools. Today the company launched a new program named Box Innovation Network, or /bin. Box.Net is driving the /bin program by bringing together Platform partners and developer communities. And it's setting up that $2 million dollar fund to encourage enterprise software development on the Box platform. Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box, has termed this an open ecosystem of leading partners that will help developers to "build and deploy" Box applications on any platform.

The Platform Partners include heavyweights like Rackspace, VMWare/CloudFoundtry, Heroku, Twilio and includes Tools provider like Appcelerator.

Often compared to Dropbox (which has a new version of its own file storage API), Box has succeeded with enterprise and seen massive adoption of its platform: 100,000 businesses are using Box and it sees more than 200 million API calls per month. Mobile Enterprise deployments using Box have seen a 30x growth over the previous year, according to Box. With /bin and the focus on enterprise integrations, these numbers are likely to only grow.

If you are a developer utilizing Box services (or you want to be), this could be a great time to utilize the opportunity that /bin has opened up and take your application to the next level by working directly with platform partners and possibly funding for your idea.

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