Boxfish Releases TV Discovery and Search API

Boxfish, television discovery startup, released an improved TV discovery app this past week. With the new release, Boxfish decided to make its technology available to third parties via an API. Boxfish allows the use of natural language to search for particular topics currently discussed on TV, or users can find out what is currently most popular on tv. The thought behind the API aims to empower other providers. Boxfish CEO, Eoin Dowling, explained:

"I just want to see people use this to build a better TV."

Boxfish monitors over 1,000 conversations at a time to analyze key topics. The constant monitoring makes TV searchable. Boxfish believes its search method is more applicable than traditional grid systems or electronic program guides which have become more cumbersome than useful among today's overwhelming amount of channels.

Currently, public Documentation of the API is unavailable. However, interested developers can request more information or an API Key by emailing the Boxfish team. Boxfish allows users to tune into a channel once the Platform has discovered a channel that contains content the user has searched for. Boxfish believes granting the functionality to cable and satellite providers will help build better suggestion, search, and DVR experiences.

Disruptive companies like Netflix and Hulu have pressured traditional cable and satellite providers. Boxfish may offer legacy service providers a fresh piece of technology that can combat the declining viewers of traditional TV. Try out one of the Boxfish apps or request an API key to see the technology in action.

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