BoxWorks 2014 Highlights Box for Industries, Drchrono EHR Apps

Highlights of BoxWorks 2014, an annual conference for Box users held earlier this week, include the new Box for Industries initiative; a demo of how the drchrono iPad and Glass apps are integrated with the Box Platform; and Box API features, including the Box Metadata API.

Box for Industries is a new suite of industry-specific solutions that utilize Box platform features such as metadata, security, compliance and workflow. The Box for Healthcare solution, for example, allows doctors, researchers and other healthcare industry professionals to securely share and store files that contain private and protected health information.


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The Box platform supports HIPAA and HITECH compliance and also signs HIPAA business associate agreements with customers. Drchrono is a good example of how the Box for Healthcare solution can be applied to mobile healthcare applications and used by physicians. Drchrono is one of the first companies to partner with Box, integrating Box platform functionality with the drchrono platform, which features the iPad EHR, drchrono-AppVisit integration and Google Glass app.

"Allowing doctors to find easier ways for data capture during patient consultations is the next wave of innovation in healthcare," Missy Krasner, managing director, healthcare and life sciences at Box, said in a press release. "Drchrono was one of the first cloud-based mobile electronic healthcare records, and now they will be one of the first wearable health records."


The drchrono mobile wearable EHR via Google Glass. Image credit: drchrono

The new Box for Industries program is initially launching with retail, healthcare, and media and entertainment solutions. The company plans to launch solutions tailored for other industries, including advertising, education, energy, government, high tech and manufacturing, in the near future.

Box API features including the Metadata API were also highlighted at the BoxWorks conference. Michael Nusimow, CEO of drchrono, spoke at the conference about the Box Metadata API and how companies are using metadata and Box features to build data-driven applications. "We have worked with Box for some time now as an early platform partner, but this latest Integration with our native iPad app, Glass app and Box's new metadata API is a real testament to how cloud-based interoperability can make patient data more liquid and easier to collect, store and move," Nusimow said in the press release.

Drchrono launched its own API in December, giving developers entry into the healthcare industry.

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