BQu Launches Student Attendance Management System (BQuSAMS) API

BQu, a UK-based market research and data analysis service provider, has announced the launch of the BQuSAMS API which will allow developers to integrate third-party applications and systems with BQuSAMS.

BQuSAMS is a student attendance management system (SAMS) for universities that includes a biometric data capture and a web-based management tool allowing university administrators to easily track and record student attendance. The BQuSAMS Platform is designed to comply with UK economic and policy requirements such as UKBA Tier 4.

The BQuSAMS API provides programmatic access to third-party applications allowing read and write functions for student, course and timetable information. The API also makes it possible to integrate the BQuSAMS platform with existing and legacy education systems.

The API uses the REST API standard and information that can be returned using the API includes lecturers, students, course, faculty, students log, and timetable. The BQuSAMS API is hosted on dedicated servers which support over 300,000 simultaneous Web Service requests.

For more information about the BQuSAMS API, read the API documentation or visit the official company website


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