Breach Offers DIY Alternative to Browser Giants

Built by San Francisco based programmer Stanislas Polu, Breach is a barebones DIY web browser ideal for the developer yearning to take back control of their web experience.

Offering more personalization than mainstream web browsing giants, Breach is a modular, hackable, and open source application fueled largely by APIs. Upon download, Breach is completely a blank slate without even a search bar natively installed. The idea is that users can tailor their browsing experience by installing Breach-manufactured modules or by creating their own features using CSS & JavaScript. The system is supported by the Chromium Content API, and the UI is written entirely in JavaScript & HTML5.

Breach has released a public Alpha supporting OSX & Linux, and supports basic web search functionality. Though it lacks a catalogue of it’s own webapp components, Breach plans on developing a bookmarking capability and other features in the near future.

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​Breach is a completely modular, hackable and open source web browser