The Breeze API: Manage Projects by Keeping it Simple

Need to get organized but fearful of the hairball of project management applications? Breeze, started by Rene Vahtel, offers tools that take nearly zero time to understand, so you can focus on the results for the project without getting bogged down in learning how to use the planning tools.

The graphic above shows the sample project you get with a free sign up (no credit card required, just an email and password). Other screens include an overview of all your projects, a team management screen, a calendar (yours, actually: Google calendar, Outlook or any other calendar that supports iCal format), and a popup screen that helps brainstorm, give feedback on tasks, and communicate with team members.

The Breeze API is RESTful with responses in JSONDocumentation is available.

Breeze pricing si on a scale based on number of projects, starting at $29/month for up to 15 projects, and tops out at $129/month for 150 projects. In all cases the number of users/team members is unlimited.

Since the program runs in your browser, mobile is easy. Signing in on a mobile device takes you to the Breeze mobile version. Data from your projects can be downloaded to CSV.

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