BreezoMeter Launches Air Quality API in Nine Countries Worldwide

BreezoMeter, a leading air quality big data analytics company, today announced its launch in nine additional countries around the world. The company will introduce its application program interface (API), which allows municipalities, smart cities and businesses to integrate dynamic air quality data into their existing systems and technologies to help make informed decisions on the wellbeing of their constituents. BreezoMeter has been providing air quality data in Israel and the United States and has now expanded its coverage to include other countries, including China and the United Kingdom – among several countries facing pollution crises. Through customer partnerships, the company currently has over 50 million daily users.

“Understanding pollution trends and making air quality data actionable with reliable and accurate information has long been a challenge in addressing the global environmental concerns,” said Ziv Lautman, co-founder & chief marketing officer of BreezoMeter. “Our platform addresses these issues by providing access to an unprecedented level of dynamic air quality analysis, bringing to life this invisible enemy. We want cities and individuals to understand how to improve air quality and, in turn, their own wellbeing.”

Air pollution has become the world’s single biggest environmental health risk, linked to about 3.5 million deaths annually.

BreezoMeter’s data analytics determine the dispersion and flow of air pollution in real-time by gathering information from thousands of sensors around the world, providing users with accurate air quality data – specific down to a city block. The new API provides developers with the tools they need to integrate this data into a wide variety of applications, technologies and systems, and ultimately provide the end user with the added value of actionable air quality data. Integrating BreezoMeter data allows developers to put information on air quality at their users’ fingertips. 

Key API Features:

  • Real time Air Quality Index per location (lat/long or address)
  • Real time health recommendations
  • Real time air quality heat map
  • Dominant pollutant information, source and more.
  • Historical data
  • And more

One simple request:{latitude}&lon={longitude}&key=YOUR_API_KEY

A whole world of capabilities:

  "country_name": "USA",
  "breezometer_aqi": 71,
  "breezometer_color": "#7FCD33",
  "breezometer_description": "Fair Air Quality",
  "country_aqi": 36,
  "country_aqi_prefix": "",
  "country_color": "#00E400",
  "country_description": "Good Air Quality",
  "data_valid": true,
  "key_valid": true,
  "random_recommendations": {
    "children": "No reason to panic, but pay attention to changes in air quality and any signals of breathing problems in your children",
    "sport": "Since we inhale more air during sports, you should keep track of changes in air quality for the next few hours",
    "health": "People with health sensitivities should monitor the air quality in the next few hours",
    "inside": "The air quality is still good - we'll keep you updated if things get worse",
    "outside": "You can go out, but please pay attention for changes in air quality"
  "dominant_pollutant_canonical_name": "no2",
  "dominant_pollutant_description": "Nitrogen dioxide",
  "dominant_pollutant_text": {
    "main": "At the moment, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are the main pollutant in the air.",
    "effects": "Exposure may cause increased bronchial reactivity in patients with asthma, lung function decline in patients with COPD and increased risk of respiratory infections, especially in young children.",
    "causes": "Main sources are fuel burning processes in industry and transportation."

BreezoMeter currently helps its partners integrate this data in a variety of ways, from apps providing doctors a way to better engage asthma patients about their habits to helping companies like AddressReport, a provider of property background checks, give their customers the fullest possible perspective. Additionally, LifeMap is a mobile application that offers asthma patients a more complete picture of the air they are breathing using BreezoMeter’s API. The application enables them to take control of their own health, equipped with actionable data. 

“BreezoMeter’s air quality data has helped us drive increased engagement among our users,” said Kayvon Bina, president of AddressReport. “We use BreezoMeter’s tool to inform homeowners, buyers, sellers and real estate agents of important air quality changes and considerations near the addresses they care most about. We're excited to introduce even more features as BreezoMeter rolls out new data points and capabilities.”
The global launch includes the following countries: China, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan, Finland, France, Mexico, South Korea and Taiwan. The company is set to continue its rollout globally throughout 2016, expanding access to data integrators and rapidly growing smart cities around the world. 

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