Breezy Button Presents Game Changer for Mobile Print

Breezy enhanced its robust API offering by unveiling the Breezy Button. The Breezy Button aims to allow any developer to add print and fax support to his or her app with minimal overhead. The Breezy Button leverages Breezy's mobile infrastructure and Breezy API. The Breezy Button eliminates the need to exit an app in order to print.

"We already offer our apps on every major mobile Platform, but we don’t want to be just another printing app," Breezy's Jared Hansen said in the press release. "We want to be the print infrastructure inside all the other apps," he said.

Breezy's existing infrastructure makes up one of the most extensive mobile print networks in the world. Additionally, at launch, Breezy announced a number of strategic partnerships with business and productivity app leaders: Egnyte, SpringCM, NitroDesk, and NetDocuments. NitroDesk's Ron Goins praised the Breezy Button: "We saved an incredible amount of development time, adding a feature that our customers were asking for in a fraction of the time it would have taken to build in-house. We’re very pleased with the value Breezy brings to our platform."

Developers can utilize the Breezy Button's "lightweight wrapper" which allows Integration with only a few lines of code. All Breezy products are device-agnostic and cross-platform compatible. Breezy developed its infrastructure from the ground up at enterprise grade; therefore, the Breezy Button is highly secure and scales to fit any size deployment.

The Breezy Button could be a game-changer in mobile print. Instead of adding more mobile print apps, it integrated into any app.

Breezy is one of 27 printing APIs and only one of three cloud printing APIs.

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