Brewery DB API Pours a Tall Glass of Beer Data

Are you part of a beer community and like to get information on various breweries in and around your neighbourhood and their beers? If yes, the Brewery DB is a great project that aims to build an open database of breweries and beers. You can contribute your data along with other beer afficinados but if you are a developer, you have access to all of this information via its Brewery DB API.

The Brewery DB was built from initial set of data taken from Open Beer DB. Untappd, a social drinking application that allows you to share what great beers you and your friends are drinking, also helps discover new beers. In addition, you can add new beers and brewery information from the Brewery DB web site.

To get started with the Brewery DB API, visit the API page. You need to sign up to get your API Key, which is required for all calls to the API. The API is currently free for use and current rate limits are 100 per hour. If your application needs are higher, you need to contact them.

The API Documentation is categorized well and you can zoom into the particular information that you are interested in. The API functionality currently allows read access to Breweries, Beers, Beer Styles, Beer Categories and Glassware. The base URL for the Service is<endpoint>. The API supports both JSON and XML as the data format.

A sample API call to get all breweries in and around Washington DC is shown below:<key>

Similarly, to get all the beers (the result is paged if there are more than 50 results) is given below:


The API is simple at this point in time and better search capabilities in the API should be at the top of their list. The marriage of location in the Brewery DB API is a great chance for developers to create some interesting mobile applications. What kind of applications do you think suit best to this kind of data?

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