Bring Your Data Smarts Where They're Needed Most

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the O’Reilly Strata Conference in New York City, and sat in on a very important keynote from Drew Conway and Jake Porway about their project, Data Without Borders.

Data Without Borders is looking to match non-profits in need of data analysis with freelance and pro bono data scientists who can work to help them with data collection, analysis, visualization, or provide decision support.

Non-Profits and NGOs stand to benefit the most from data science and may even be sitting on a wealth of data, but don’t have the resources to analyze and solve some of our most pressing social, environmental, and community problems.

At ProgrammableWeb, we recognize the important role that APIs play in making data more open and accessible, and we’d like to get the word out about what Data Without Borders is doing.   If you’d like to get involved, Data Without Borders will be holding, what they call a DataDive.  A DataDive is somewhat different than the typical hackathon we are used to in the API world. Rather than building applications, DataDives seek to derive novel and interesting insight from the data of participating NGO’s and non-profit, and create an environment exploration, experimentation, and learning.

The video of the keynote is embedded below:

If you’d like to get involved, Data Without Borders will be holding two inaugural DataDives.  The first is in New York City October 14-16, 2011, and the second is in San Francisco on November 4-6, 2011.   These events are meant for anyone, not just hackers.  So if you have any experience and would like to participate, show up for one of the Data Without Borders DataDives, or head over to and find about other ways to get involved.

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