British Airways Adds Seat Availability API to Ongoing NDC Trial

Earlier this month, British Airways opened up its Shop and Order APIs on a trial basis. After a successful trial launch, the airline has expanded the trial to include a Seat Availability API. The API gives developers access to seating availability that enables the ability to choose seats when booking a flight.

"Seat Availability will enable developers to view the availability and price of a customers' preferred seat, as well as providing information on the layout of the cabin, such as where the toilets, aisles and galleys are, so customers can make informed decisions about their choice of seats," Ian Luck, British Airways' distribution strategy manager, said in a news release.

The additional API expands British Airways' New Distribution Capability (NDC) strategy. The API grants access to the same functionality consumers experience when choosing a seat at British Airways had anticipated adding the Seat Availability API when it launched the trial in early July. The next API anticipated for release offers baggage-related data and services.

In line with the conditions laid out at the initial release, the API remains available through British Airways directly, and through its NDC service providers and existing global distribution systems. To take part in the trial, developers should register at Keep an eye out for more development under the airline industry's NDC and British Airways unique use of the initiative.

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