API: Join the Mobile Web Browsing Revolution stands to reinvent mobile web browsing and prop it up as a potential contender against the ever growing mobile app market. works with any website, across any platform and offers a suite of features that makes a website more mobile friendly. Additionally, developers can tap into the API and add apps to the toolbar that extends functionality to the limits of the developer community's imagination. launched earlier this year with a two week private beta that attracted over a million users. Since its successful first two weeks, has gone public with its game-changer toolbar and continues to attract press and developer attention. Currently, is recruiting 20,000 developers to provide API access to. Its goal is to create a marketplace of min-apps to offer as extensions to its ever popular mobile browsing toolbar.

Public documentation for the API is not currently available, as is still building its developer base. To learn more, visit the developer's site and sign up for access or notification. Developers with access will have the possibility of providing a mini-app in the marketplace.

Who hasn't felt the frustration of a website's poor performance over a mobile device? Such frustration has led many to predict the end of mobile browsing and a mobile world completely dominated by apps. aims to end such browsing frustration, and its API strategy could nicely bridge the gap between the app and the mobile browsing communities. Certainly keep an eye out for to empower the mobile browsing experience, or sign up to join the developer community and mini-app marketplace.

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