Browser Access to Postman Now Available

Postman has launched Postman for the web. The new browser interface offers developers easy access and increased collaboration with others. In a press release, the company described the new product as “somewhat of a return to Postman’s original roots.”

“Postman started off as a Chrome plug-in on the web, and then switched to a desktop application with amazing adoption,” Abhinav Asthana, Postman CEO and Co-founder, commented in the press release. “We’re now returning to the web to harness the full power of the internet, and make API development faster, more collaborative, and more scalable.”

After its initial Chrome plug-in days, users have accessed Postman through a desktop application. Users have long requested browser access. Complaints related to the desktop client include slower onboarding, difficult Versioning, and minimal collaboration. Web access is the solution to these problems and offers even more advantages.
Key features include:

  • Simplified user access and onboarding (no app installation required. No manual updates)
  • Optimized collaboration (everything in Postman now has a URL for eased sharing)
  • Scaled requests (unique ability to send API requests at scale from the browser)

To learn more, visit the Postman site.

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