Brush Up On Your Music Knowledge With The WhoSampled API

For music enthusiasts who thrive on insider knowledge and detailed music conversation, WhoSampled would be just their cup of tea. It's basically an online community for discovering and discussing sampled music, remixes and cover songs. WhoSampled has partnered with The Echo Nest to provide the WhoSampled API that allows developers to access and integrate its functionality with other applications.


WhoSampled allows any user to submit information about a music sample, remix, cover, or information regarding music history or music production. This submission will need to be reviewed for approval, and if it meets the website's standards, it will be published on the site where other users can discover and discuss it.

The WhoSampled API provides developers with access to information on samples, covers and remixes for over 160,000 tracks and 60,000 artists. The API allows developers to access WhoSampled artists and track IDs and deep link to any artist page on the website or iPhone app. Further information is available on The Echo Nest's website.

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