The BT Mashup Contest

ProgrammableWeb would like to welcome BT as a sponsor and to announce their new mashup contest, the "BT Exact Mashup Competition 2006". This is a uniquely open competition in that it allows any combination of APIs and data to be used. The objective for BT is not to promote a specific API of their own but as a way to find smart and creative developers (in fact, using a mashup as a calling-card for getting hired is now common enough that at Mashup Camp this was referred to as the "resume mashup"). This contest ends on October 6th and has a first prize of £2,500.

The contest team proposes creating a mashup that will help Londoners and can include the always-popular mapping, photo, events, and search APIs, but any other API type is fair game. BT themselves suggest using the database of APIs and mashups here at ProgrammableWeb as a source of input and inspiration. For some of those ideas take a look at the 34 mashups currently tagged "UK".

This is now listed on ProgrammableWeb's /contests page. For full details see their site.


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[...] Just a quick note on Goggles, the first attempt at implementing a (very) simple flight simulator on a Google Map. A fun little time waster that’s a good diversion for a minute: pick from five cities and go. Arrow controls let you change altitude and turn your plane. Even supports flame-out crashes. Note that as the about page says, it was created by Flash developer Mark Caswell-Daniels and he’s available for hire (a classic example of a “resume mashup” as discussed last week regarding BT’s developer contest). [...]

Mark Caswell-Daniels

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