Buddy Launches Platform for IoT Telemetry Data

Buddy Platform recently launched a comprehensive Internet of Things platform that enables companies to easily capture, store and make use of the telemetry data their connected devices are capable of generating.

Buddy's platform consists of three major components:

  • BuddyAPI, a JSON REST API that allows developers to securely transmit connected device data to Buddy
  • BuddyVault, a secure data storage service
  • BuddyView, which enables developers to visualize their device data, syndicate it to third-party business intelligent tools or access it via custom applications using an API

As Buddy sees it, "devices are a connection to your customer. The data these devices generate let you understand your customers and market in ways that have never before been possible." Buddy's overarching goal: to allow those devices to tell their stories so that companies can improve their products and create better customer experiences.

According to the company, more and more devices are capable of generating telemetry data, but their manufacturers aren't always in a position to gather and extract value from that data. 

"Device manufacturers are not cloud infrastructure companies," Buddy CEO David McLauchlan explained. "They've built technology into their products to control the device but haven't built the infrastructure to access and use the device's telemetry data to improve the product and delight customers. Buddy makes it fast and easy to access those insights and immediately understand more deeply how customers are using these kinds of IoT devices."

Seattle-based Buddy, which has received funding from a number of venture capital firms, including Microsoft Ventures, says that its platform is already being used in a variety of industries, including aviation, automotive, retail and consumer electronics. In addition to its REST API, the company offers SDKs for iOS, Android, JavaScript, and .NET.

The Race to Develop IoT Infrastructure

Buddy is one of a growing number of startups and established names vying to stake out a position in the Internet of Things, a market that some estimate could one day be worth trillions of dollars. Collecting, storing and visualizing the vast amounts of data generated by connected devices is one of the most immediate opportunities in the nascent market, and Buddy's platform offers device manufacturers an integrated platform for doing all three.

In an effort to differentiate itself from other players trying to provide core infrastructure to device manufacturers, Buddy enables its customers to send data to regionally sandboxed endpoints in the U.S., Europe and China, and highlights easy integrations with third-party systems, including Salesforce.com, SAP and Tableau.

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