BugDigger API Removes the Human Element from Bug Reporting

BugDigger, a BugsIO bug reporting tool, offers the BugDigger API that can integrate with bug tracking and reporting systems. BugDigger removes the manual, human element from bug reporting and leverages its technology to automatically capture the needed data to accurately report bugs in a given environment. BugDigger aims to take the human error and labor out of bug reporting which enables software developers to rely on accurate reports and fixes instead of uncovering errors in bug reports.

BugsIO was founded by developers for developers. In their own words, the BugsIO team simply consists of “developers mostly scratching [their] own itch.” BugsIO uncovers problems in the development, maintenance, and production processes across software houses and home grows tools to fix it. BugDigger blossomed out of such an exercise and now serves a number or clients through Integration. Basecamp, Fogbugz, and Jira represent just a few of the users that have benefited from BugDigger integration.

Developers can integrate the BugDigger with either a REST or JavaScript API. The API returns calls in a JSON data format. Once integrated, BugDigger automatically collects pertinent information and sends the information to a bug tracker. For more information, visit the API site.

Human error seems to be the overarching cause of most problems, despite the industry, instrument, or recreation of choice. Where human testing remains the only reliable method to reveal bugs, BugDigger can remove the human interference from the reporting process. With its API capabilities, bug trackers can be assured precise and accurate information is provided for appropriate responses.

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