Bugsee Bug Reporting and Crash Analytics goes GA

Bugsee recently announced the general availability of its bug reporting and crash analytics tool. The tool continuously captures console logs and video of user interactions with mobile apps in order to record events that led to crashes or bugs. By capturing real-time behavior, the need to recreate intermittent bugs vanishes.

"We think of Bugsee as the flight recorder or black box for your iOS and Android apps," Bugsee Co-Founder and CEO, Alex Fishman, commented in a press release. "It's a powerful investigative tool for fast and efficient debugging and code fixing. Everything is logged at all times and the problematic sequence that led to the bug or crash is captured on video for easy identification and quick resolution."

Founded by two software engineers, Bugsee has been off to a hot start prior to its general launch. It recently received top billing from Microsoft's CrashProbe.com. According to Fishman, one of Bugsee's primary goals it to become "must-have technology used by developers for building and maintaining quality, bug-free apps." If Bugsee can shorten the QA and resolution processes to the extent it intends, it may just achieve that goal.

Since Bugsee continuously tracks apps, as soon as bug is identified or an app crashes, Bugsee automatically notifies the app's "bug tracker" of choice. The Bugsee dashboard displays the primary data that led to the bug or crash. The data includes video clips showing user action and behavior. The video is synced with console logs and network traffic for optimal analysis and quick resolution.

Bugsee currently integrates with 15 different bug trackers. Developers can access the Android and iOS SDKs with a single line of code. Those interested in learning more can sign up here or check out this video

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