Bugsnag Events API Provides Cross-Platform Error Monitoring

Pesky bugs and errors are an unfortunate part of any developer’s life. Manually searching for new errors and trying to organize and prioritize them can be very tedious and a huge waste of valuable dev time. There must be a better way. And there is. Tools like Bugsnag provide cross-platform error monitoring that helps developers to fix issues quickly and efficiently. Bugsnag’s APITrack this API provides access to this data.

Bugsnag automatically detects crashes in every popular programming language and framework, providing users with diagnostics to help resolve issues as quickly as possible. It provides prioritization tools that sort errors by occurrence count, impacted user count and time, filtering these errors by resolved status, release stage and time. Other features include workflow integrations, full-text error search, intelligent and customizable error grouping, and 256-bit end-to-end SSL security on every Bugsnag plan.

Bugsnag’s JSON-based API gives developers access to this information, allowing them to integrate it with other applications. The Bugsnag Events API allows users to get information about and delete Bugsnag Events (individual crashes). Other APIs include the Bugsnag Accounts API, Users API, Projects API, Errors API and Comments API. Further information is available on the Bugsnag website.

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