Build Chatbots and Other Conversational Apps with the Conversational AI Toolkit, a Netherlands-based chatbot platform startup, has launched the Conversational AI Toolkit which provides tools to create chatbots, intelligent assistants, and other conversational applications. The platform allows users to build chatbots and other conversational interfaces for multiple channels such as Facebook Messenger, CRMs, and web clients. The platform is powered by machine learning and a proprietary natural language processing (NLP) engine. The platform also supports a number of languages including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

The newly launched Conversational AI Toolkit features a Web API, iOS and JavaScript SDKs, multimedia support (video, images, audio or text), and other components for building conversational applications. The Web API is a websocket-based API that allows applications to send and receive messages from in real time. Live chatbot functionality can also be added to web pages and web applications using a snippet of JavaScript code.

The platform takes the conversational UI development process and divides it into separate applications. There’s a drag and drop interface that allows users to design dialogue flows, and users can train the AI so that chatbots and conversational applications can recognize specific entities. Developers can add capabilities and customization using code. The platform also allows for human intervention in the event the bot or assistant is unable to respond to a question.

" is really focused on letting you create a great user experience", said co-founder Gijs van de Nieuwegiessen, in a prepared statement. "We strongly believe our toolkit will help designers leverage the power of machine learning without all the coding. We are very curious to see what people will create with our tools."

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