Build Multi-User Augmented Reality Apps with Twilio’s DataTrack and Media Sync APIs

Twilio, a cloud communications platform provider, has introduced two new APIs for enabling multi-user augmented reality (AR) applications; the DataTrack API and the Media Sync API. The APIs are part of Twilio’s Programmable Video platform. The new Twilio DataTrack API is a low-latency data streaming API that shares important metadata between endpoints in real time. This allows developers to build apps that provide a more immersive environment for users and an AR experience that immediately reacts to changes. The API can distribute AR and app metadata in peer-to-peer and Group Rooms that are centrally-routed.

The Twilio Media Sync API syncs AR metadata to media streams in real time which allows apps to accurately playback video and AR objects. Developers can use the Media Sync API with Twilio’s Capture APIs and Render APIs so that applications provide a seamless AR experience for users. Capture APIs capture video from any source within an app, and Render APIs allow developers to control video display at a low level. The Media Sync API is not yet available and is coming soon to the Twilio SDKs for iOS and Android.

"Augmented reality is completely transforming the way we understand and interact with the world around us, especially in terms of remote collaboration," said Rob Brazier, director of product for Twilio's Programmable Video platform, in a prepared statement. "Imagine if the next time you called your cable company, you could simply show them a video of the flashing lights on your cable box and they could instantly know what's wrong, and then guide you through the process of wiring it up correctly by overlaying the correct cabling on-screen in your physical space. The prospects for improving remote support and sales conversations is incredible."

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