Build Weather Mashups, Win Prizes

WeatherBug has announced the WeatherBug API Excellence Contest. The contest will run through July 11th and offers up to five contest winners an 8 GB Apple iPod Touch. The "up to" part of how many winners depends on how many different languages developers use: there will be one winner per programming category like PHP, Java, Ruby, Python or any other. Apps can be web based, mobile or desktop applications running on Windows, OS X or Linux.

The WeatherBug API offers free access to live data from more than 8,000 WeatherBug tracking stations. Using the API, you can develop applications showing live weather conditions, daily forecasts, United States camera images and severe weather alerts, and international weather information.

The API is available in two formats: standard XML and pipe-delimited format. Both API versions offer a rich set of calls, letting you retrieve highly detailed information on weather stations, live weather, alerts, forecasts, and other data.

Currently, our WeatherBug API page lists seven mashups that have been created using the API. These might give you some ideas for developing your own mashup for the contest. For example, Weather Bonk is a rich mashup that provides live weather and forecasts obtained using the WeatherBug API and much more on a Google Map (it actually uses over 10 APIs, more details here). WeatherBonk was a Mashup Camp winner, and was acquired last year by the Weather Channel.

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