BuildaSearch: Why I Built a Search API

Developers are often finding themselves as API providers in addition to consumers. The same is now true for me with my project, BuildaSearch. I recently released a BuildaSearch API for deeper site search Integration, moving away from a more plug-and-play approach I took earlier on.

When I first released BuildaSearch it received praise around the world for allowing users to build a custom search engine or site search without a single line of code. Although the concept is a very good one, I decided to take BuildaSearch in another direction, one of providing advanced site search services for web developers, hence converting BuildaSearch from a toy search to a serious search tool.

Unlike the first generation services our second generation search service does involve coding on the developers end, but all crawling, indexing for site content is left to our BuildaSearch technology. BuildaSearch's new site search is a RESTful based API with both XML and JSON formats. The cool thing about the API is that you are able to combine multiple site URLs results into one set, a mashup of site search results.

BuildaSearch has released a prototypical search called Nooze which is a news search with results from popular sites. Nooze search results are refreshed every hour.

BuildaSearch Nooze

BuildaSearch's easy to use web interface allows users to manage websites to be crawled and other crawling options. The web UI also allows a user to monitor the crawling process.

BuildaSearch User Interface

BuildaSearch is 100% free for 500 pages but can be upgraded to 1000 pages for $87 a year or 2000 pages for $184 a year, all plans include unlimited queries and many other features. Our site search technology supports 100,000+ documents, contact us for custom plans. API Documentation is available as are code samples for JavaScript Prototype and PHP.

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