Bulletin Launches First Developer Contest, Monthlong Challenges

Bulletin, a computer-to-mobile messaging solution provider, has announced its first developer contest. Starting this month, Bulletin will be hosting monthlong challenges. The first challenge is simple and straightforward, but Bulletin looks forward to creative entries. From the contest announcement:

"Our first challenge is to create an application that successfully integrates with Bulletin. We are looking for something both innovative and useful that also pairs well with our software."

The first challenge must utilize the Bulletin SMS API. Entries must be submitted by November 30th, 11:59 pm PST. Bulletin expects apps across the board — so education-focused developers could create a parent-teacher communication app, or socially focused developers could create a group chat app. Bulletin's first challenge has limited rules and unlimited possibilities.

Once your app is submitted for the challenge, Bulletin will help promote your app. Prizes available for challenge one include $500 in free messages, a free virtual number for a year, a blog feature, a press release, featured email review to Bulletin's 15,000 customers and a website highlight. The clock has already started ticking on this challenge, so start hacking!

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