BullPay Moves Multi-Crypto Blockchain API & Blockchain Explorer Out of Beta

BullPay, a global Blockchain data service provider, this week announced the launch of Longhorn, its multi-cryptocurrency block explorer and blockchain data API service in response to customer demand.

Longhorn by BullPay provides real-time wallet balances, all historical blockchain transactions, and more on 5 blockchains and 1 testnet, bridging the communication gap between blockchain node networks and blockchain-related applications with a unified API. This initiative serves to bring reliability to blockchain development projects and provide businesses with fast, stable and accurate data in support of rapid software development.

The commercial API service is available in six different tiers, tailored to the number of API calls needed of the dApps and wallets as well as payment platforms, exchanges and finance/accounting applications. Advanced dedicated options for increased speed, throughput and responsiveness are also available. The API service offers flexibility such as sending transactions, getting thousands of transactions by address, getting unspent outputs to build a "send transaction," getting the details of a transaction, getting an address summary, getting raw transactions, and more.

The Longhorn API service and block explorer are live on the BullPay website. BullPay's infrastructure allows for high availability and performance, ensuring the fastest data delivery and the lowest latency possible for both free and commercial API services.

Kyle Kuehm, Managing Director and Founder of BullPay, said, "We continually invest in our technology and infrastructure to ensure our API service remains robust, and users can access data as needed. We have experience adhering to rigorous standards to safeguard data integrity outlined in the highest security standard, OWASP ASVS Level 3."

"We're very excited to launch our API service to the blockchain development community and provide a powerful multi-crypto block explorer to the crypto community."

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