Burst into Android's "L" with a New Lens: Massive Camera 2 API Update

With the announcement of the new design-centric OS "L," Android is sharpening up User Experience and performance, unveiling an updated camera API with a robust feature set.

Built from the ground up, the Camera 2 API will deliver full resolution images at the same speed the hardware can capture them, allowing the Nexus 5 to capture 80 MP images in 30 fps. With a new burst mode, Digital Negative format, HDR+, and a full suite of manual controls for capturing and processing, the API is nearing DSLR standards. With the new abilities, one can use split screen exposure to adjust imbalances in a room, or enhance a filter between individual frames of a burst

This looks to be a great move toward higher quality and increased customization with less lag, empowering Android users and developers to do more with the photos they take.

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Android "L" Feature Spotlight: New Camera API Enables Burst Mode, Thorough Control Over Photos, And Much More