BurstIQ Introduces BurstChain SDK Enabling Blockchain Solutions for Healthcare

BurstIQ, the leading provider of Blockchain-based data solutions for the healthcare industry, announced today the beta release of the BurstChain SDK, including a set of key accelerator tools that allow application developers to rapidly deploy applications and services on the BurstIQ Platform.

The SDK includes npm modules that allow for rapid configuration and deployment of key application functionalities, including user administration and access controls, user preference modules, analytics visualization, dashboard builder, and more. These modules are built in an Angular-based progressive web app Framework that is configured for seamless Integration with BurstIQ's underlying blockchain-based Big Data platform, BurstChain.

The BurstChain SDK provides both startup and enterprise application developers with the tools they need to move from design to deployment in a matter of weeks. Early access developers have calculated that the SDK saved between six and twelve months of development time for their organization. Starting today, the SDK is available to all organizations with an active account on the BurstIQ Platform, and comes with a growing archive of Documentation, Sample Code, and how-to videos to get developers ramped up quickly.

BurstIQ's CTO, Tyson Henry, emphasized that this is just the beginning for the BurstChain SDK. "Our goal is to give our developer community all the tools they need to deploy big data blockchain for their business, and to help companies get connected to the broader BurstIQ Network as quickly as possible," says Henry. "We know that the faster you can get your product connected to potential partners and customers, the faster you can start building revenue."

To get access to the BurstIQ Platform and the BurstChain SDK, please email info@burstiq.com.

Source: PRNewswire

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