Burstly's Restructuring and Skyrocket Monetization: Out of This World

The Burstly Skyrocket API for download tracking of conversions from mobile ads uses as RESTful HTTP interface. More than 300,000 apps use Burstly services to beta test, analyze and monetize their offerings. By spanning the development process from end to end, Burstly's newly structured offerings give developers the choice between choosing among Testflight, Flightpath, and Skyrocket, or using them all.

Darrel Etherington at Techcrunch spells out who wins: the users, he says, because developers can give them unusual incentives:

There’s cross-functionality between each of the three components as well; including the TestFlight API in a mobile app means that it’s available to plug into and use for the FlightPath mobile analytics suite, and devs can use custom user segments created in FlightPath to then build different monetization options in SkyRocket. So, that means you could, for instance, see high flight risk users like those who have consistently run into crashes or been frustrated by bugs and target them with in-app rewards, or even unlock additional content for high value users to keep them pleased and spending.

Skyrocket also provides ad mediation: for a 10% slice of the action it will provide the bandwidth and make working with multiple partners (50+, it says) a piece of cake. Counting Zynga, Disneymoobile and Pandora among clients, Burstly looks set for take off.

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