Business Profiles Registration Database Available via API

Business Profiles, online database of business registration information, provides access to its massive database via the Business Profiles API. The database contains business registrations (e.g. corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, etc.) and additional data on shareholders, directors, public filings, and more. Business Profiles believes the API provides value beyond merely retrieving business information:

"The API has a wide variety of possible use cases, including validating the due registration and good standing of companies, conducting legal and business due diligence and understanding corporate structures, and finding out about companies' registered officers and agents."

Business Profiles is quickly building its records base to include companies across the globe. The Business Profiles database currently contains over 30 million profiles. Business Profiles pulls most of its data from government websites, and no data provided violates privacy issues or implicates intellectual property rights.

The Business Profiles API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Developers can call the database by company type (corporation, LLC, etc.), company name, and or status. Calls can return entire company records, or specific data points (e.g. officers, filings, etc.). Those interested can learn more at the API site.

Business Profiles exists to encourage and promote transparency in the midst of complicated business structures. Business Profiles hopes to assist users in better understanding the companies they work with. Access to the database via API further promotes usage, as users can incorporate the data into existing tools and workflows.

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