Buyvite Group Pay Launches API That Allows Developers to Add Social Cost Splitting Functionality to E-Commerce Websites and Apps

Buyvite Group Pay, a social payment Platform allowing multiple people to contribute to a single payment transaction, has announced the launch of the Private Label Group Payment API which allows social payment and cost splitting functionality to be added to e-commerce websites and applications.

Buyvite Social Payment Platform

Image Credit: Buyvite

There are many types of purchases where cost splitting may be necessary such as vacations, concert tickets, gifts, donations, parties and events. The Buyvite social payment platform makes it possible for an online purchase to be split and paid for by multiple people using different payment methods. The platform currently features three types of shared payment functionality:

  • Peer-to-Peer Payment System - Allows people to make payments to each other.
  • Group Payment - Allows a purchase to be paid together as a group.
  • Pay Me Back - Allows a person to be paid back after a group purchase.

The Private Label Group Payment API allows developers to seamlessly integrate the functionality of the Buyvite social payment platform into e-commerce websites and applications. Buyvite is compatible with all major credit cards so that website and app customers can choose to use the Buyvite cost splitting option without needing to create a new account to use the service. It should be noted that the Buyvite payment gateway is PCI compliant. Buyvite Group Pay founder Brandy Alexander-Wimberly states in the press release that:

"We developed this feature rich API to specifically allow our customers to offer a "crowd funding" model on their sites and applications directly. This is obviously an emerging space and our API was built for developers as an easy way to implement the convenience of cost-splitting, crowd funding and social payment for their retail, event ticketing, travel and even consumer banking and transaction processing companies."

For more information about the Buyvite social payment platform or the Private Label Group Payment API, visit the Buyvite Group Pay Website.

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