Buzz API is Buzzing with New Features

Less than a month ago, Google made all public activities available via its "firehose." Last week, the search giant updated the Buzz API again with several interesting features, including a limited firehose, which it calls a "garden hose."

The announcement post describes the three new features added to the API:

  • The garden hose, useful for developers whose applications cannot take the entire load of data being returned from Buzz. It is worth noting that Google made the query rate within the free quota limits of its cloud Platform, Google App Engine (our Google App Engine API profile). This is a clear win for developers since Google App Engine applications can be easily configured to receive PubSubHubbub notifications, which is the underlying mechanism via which new data from Buzz will sent via a notification to your application.
  • Retrieve the people associated with a query. The query could include arbitrary strings and optionally even a geo location. Imagine firing a query that lets you search for who is talking about ‘Programmable Web’ within your vicinity.
  • You can now get Google Search results that are related to the post. All you need to do is add a /@related to the self link.

Google Buzz API is clearly on the move, feature-wise, though it's unclear how many developers are using it. Still, especially with Google Wave going away, expect more content and functionality to be made available through the Buzz API.

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