Buzzboot API: Staying On Top Of The Social Media Buzz

The power of social media is something that businesses have and are quickly catching on to, as the amount of valuable data available from this source can play a big part in big business decision making. Buzzboot is a service that aims to seize this valuable information and create a tool to help businesses achieve more. It's a social media business Platform that allows companies to retrieve, monitor, manage and evaluate relevant data from forums, blogs and social networks. Users can maximise this data mining extraction experience with the help of Buzzboot's API.


The Buzzboot platform allows users to achieve the following tasks:

  • Monitor performance indicators and their trends, providing an overview of all the relevant data.
  • View daily, weekly and monthly summary time modes.
  • Move between summaries with the help of heading tabs.
  • Filter data summaries according to source, watched brands or by product descriptions.
  • Export data or integrate summaries to another network via the API.
  • Understand 'Share Of Voice' - an overview of how valuable a brand is compared to the competition, from product, market share and popularity points of view.
  • Monitor 'Buzz Volume' - the amount of talk about a brand.

Buzzboot's API is available with Buzzboot's corporate level plan and can be easily implemented. It allows users to automatically receive up-to-date data, integrate that data into networks, generate reports with the help of other software and devices, and create a mashup with user data.

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