CA Technologies Bolsters API Management Portfolio

CA Technologies is expanding its API management portfolio as part of an effort to help enterprise IT organizations modernize business processes. At the CA World 2014 conference on Monday, the company unfurled a CA API Developer Portal, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering through which traditional enterprise applications can be exposed to third-party developers.

In addition, CA announced it has enhanced extended Agile Parallel Development to include tighter integration with the company’s service virtualization software. CA Technologies CTO John Michelsen says the integration of those capabilities makes it possible for developers to create a virtual API in the cloud that can be used to build an application without necessarily requiring developers to access production APIs and applications.

CA also announced an enhancement to the CA Mobile API Gateway, which now has its own SDK and support for the KNOX container software developed by Samsung to better secure those APIs. The company also announced a CA Mobile App Analytics tool to extend application performance management to mobile devices and enhancement to its CA Release Automation that provides better support for multitiered application deployments.

Finally, it announced CA Application Lifecycle Conductor, a new life-cycle management tool that automates and manages application development spanning mobile to mainframe environments that is based on technology the company gained via its recent acquisition of SCM Solutions.

At the core of CA's API strategy is the management platform the company gained via its acquisition of Layer 7 Technologies last year. Michelsen says the goal is for CA Technologies to be transformed into a provider of SaaS applications that will drive a renaissance across the enterprise by making it easier for IT organizations to make sure legacy systems remain relevant. In those scenarios, Michelsen says those IT organizations can allow applications to request data using an API that CA will, for example, translate into an XML Web services request that can be understood by a legacy enterprise application.

As part of that effort, Michelsen says CA also plans to focus security-as-a-service and DevOps management to further facilitate that transformation.

When it comes to providing the API management framework for driving what CA refers to as the application economy, there is obviously no shortage of competitors. But Michelsen says that when it comes to applying those concepts within traditional enterprise IT environments, the number of vendors that have the depth of technologies and services needed to succeed dwindles considerably.

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