Cabforce Launches Taxi API

Cabforce; advanced booking service for taxis, minibuses and executive cars; just announced its Cabforce Taxi Content Hub. The new offering provides the Taxi API that developers can integrate with third party travel applications to retrieve routes and rates as well as book flat-rate rides. The API grants full access to Cabforce's platform which organizes a fleet of more than 10,000 cabs and private cars throughout Europe and New York. Tommi Holmgren, Cabforce Chief Product Officer, commented:

"Our Taxi Content Hub is the place for reliable and competitively priced taxis and private rides. We've been taking extra care to certify every single supplier in our network to guarantee that our developer partners get the best available content.... We are the only company able to sell taxi and private rides with all-inclusive pre-calculated prices between two points at this scale."

Cabforce has been disrupting commercial transportation for as long as it has existed. First with apps and expanded territories, now with a robust API that can connect it to the entire travel industry, Cabforce continues to push the envelope in travel convenience. Fresh off its Grand One '13 win for Best Consumer Service, Cabforce sits ready to expand its success.

Public documentation for the Taxi API  is not currently available. Those interested in learning more can sign up for free at the API site. The Taxi API provides real time quotes, route information, and booking capabilities.

Cabforce's mission is simple: "enable distribution of high quality and reliable pre-booked airport transfers and any other taxi rides within travel industry." Since 2009, Cabforce has leveraged cutting edge technology to revolutionize the travel service industry. The content hub and Taxi API represent its latest move in taxi technology.

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