CalendarGod Aims to be Twitter for Calendars

The calendar remains one of the tools that has barely seen an update or revision since it's inception. A grid of dates that you write appointments in. Sure, we have digital versions, but the design and Function is still the same. "If it ain't broke...", right? Not so, according to a new startup.

CalendarGod is finally taking a stab at rethinking the calendar and appointment book--using newer technologies like APIs and feeds--and throwing geolocation in the mix.

CalendarGod works a little bit like Twitter and Tumblr. You can 'Follow' a number of calendars and, instead of being presented with a traditional month grid, you are given a list of events. What's cool is that by using location, CalendarGod allows you to find events around you and let you check in to these events, similar to Foursquare. According to co-founder Leon Crutchley, an iPhone app is planned with a web app currently in the works. A must-have for any app or service using location check-in.

TechCrunch interviewed the founders and you can watch it at the beginning of this embedded video:

CalendarGod is currently in private beta, with plans to launch in 2011. If you're interested, you can request an invite. This is definitely an app to keep an eye on.

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